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Public speaking in the Philippines needs to improve. Our ability to speak in front of an audience doesn’t speak about effective speaking. Clearly, this skill is a display of authentic connection more than it is a show of intellect. There’s no other way but find a Filipino speech coach with a proven track record.

The Public Speaking Institute™ founder Lloyd Luna is a Filipino speech coach. He has been a professional public speaker for over 15 years. Over the course of his speaking career, he has been speaking to thousands of people for at least 100 times annually, traveling speak to companies, organizations, and government agencies here in the Philippines and abroad.

Lloyd Luna is a Filipino speech coach based in Manila, Philippines.

Looking up on Google to find a public speaking coach is easy. But looking at the profile is something else. This topic will help you find the best speech coach in the Philippines.

First, let’s define what coaching is. A simple look up suggests that “coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.” It adds, “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” (Skillsyouneed.com)

Can anyone who can do that be automatically called a coach? The answer is no because what happens in the coaching session depends on who the speech coach is. This is where a qualified coach or coaching comes into play.

Qualifications of a public speech coach

  • A compelling speech coach profile. You read it right. What’s the hard proof that your coach has gone through to deserve the honor and the privilege to help you learn. As a student, you must see his track record on his expertise. How many years has your coach spent in public speaking? This is important because you don’t want to learn theories, which you might as well have taken from Google. Is he a real, experienced player in this industry? If the answer is no, what are his relevant skills and knowledge that will serve to achieve your goal? Remember, a coach with nothing but theory is probably not the best speech coach to rely on.
  • A speech coaching system that works. Given the scenario when you need to learn as much and as fast as you can, what is the system your coach has in place? It can’t be just ask-what-you-want type of coaching. There must be a process you follow. Aside from that, you can’t just rely on modular teaching method in forms of an outline. Conversely, public speaking is more than just the “what.” It’s also about the “how.” If your speech coach can’t teach you how it is done, forget it. Youtube is better alternative. Plus, it’s free.
  • The product is crucial. Look for the names of people he has successfully coached. Don’t just take the coach’s word for whatever it’s worth. Ask his students and make a substantial research about his speech coaching program. As a student, you don’t just spend money for a speech program. You also spend you precious time and energy to achieve your goal. If you want to achieve you goal, you need to look at the product you coach has produced. That will save you money, time, and energy.

Are you ready to be coached?

There you have it. A public speaking coach—or simply speech coach especially here in the Philippines—isn’t hard to find. However, you need to be patient in looking for him or her. You must do your assignment to make sure the speech training is worth your every attention.

We have been attending thousands of seminars—now webinars—since we were kids. As we learn in school, our teachers perform  as public speakers. To say that we have really learn by the way they presented the subject matter to us is short of what it should. Because of these bitter if not disappointing experiences, two things happened: First, we stopped believing in a good speech. Second, many speakers simply followed the wrong way.

In short, the frustrating cycle of public speaking continues. It has to stop. Many Filipinos are natural communicators. They have a gift in telling stories. In fact, they have real inspiring stories to tell. The only issue is how we can bring out the best public speaker in us. There are two things here: One, if you’re doing speech coaching primarily to earn a living without regard to the future of these students, please stop. Two, if you’re a student who seek real speech coach, follow the tips I listed above.

You are meant to shine in public speaking. But without the best speech coach in your side, it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

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